Toro Cup Logistics FAQ

New below: a TENTATIVE event schedule and program with TENTATIVE times of matches.  The topics covered on this page:
Watching Remotely (Livestream, Twitter)
Feel free to email me with other questions.

We all know that grappling events are unpredictable, since we can’t predict when or if submissions will happen. But here is the estimated time that matches will happen, assuming most matches go nearly the full 20 minutes and assuming nothing unpredictable happens.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: WE WILL KEEP MATCHES GOING IF SUBMISSIONS HAPPEN EARLY ON.** As long as the athletes in the following matches are warmed up, we will keep the show going. So if they match you most want to see is tentatively scheduled for 3:40, please do not show up at 3:30, because you might well miss it.

Again, these times are what happens if basically every match goes to points, so please use this as a general guide and not 100% what’s going to happen on the day of the event.

1:05: John Bagels Telford v. Mystery Opponent

1:25: Kim Rice v. Maia Matalon

1:45: Mary Holmes  v. Melanie Phungephorn

2:05: JoJo Poteat v. Marcus Brown

2:25: Ali Elreda v. Chris Lewter

2:45: Laban Propst v. Josh Williams

3:05 Walker Vivian v. Ned Byrd


3:35 Jinho Kim v. Nick Maynard

3:55: Blake Taylor v. Brad Acosta

4:15 Tim McNamara v. Josh Murdock

4:35: David Porter v. Cody Maltais

4:55: Joe Solecki  v. Jordan Rinaldi

5:15: Rick Screeton v. Larry Hughes

5:35  CJ Murdock v. Frankie Patches



The event will be Saturday, Feb. 28, at Triangle Jiu-Jitsu/Cageside Fight Co. in Durham, NC. The doors will open at noon and the start time is at 1 p.m. The address is 1408-C Christian Ave, Durham NC, 27705.

We expect a lot of spectators, and the more the merrier. Here are some details about that for spectators.

We will have approximately 150 seats available at the event. About 50 seats will be available on the mat, with about 100 chairs around or near the mat. Any folks after the first 150 will be welcome to watch with standing room only. (People are welcome to bring their own camp chairs, of course).
Admittance is free, but we’re asking for donations: all of the money we raise will go to the Durham Animal Protection Society.

We’re asking for a suggested donation of $5 admission for standing room, $10 if you’re going to use a chair or sit on the mat. We can take either cash or checks, but not cards. All of that money will go directly to the Durham Animal Protection Society.

We will have helpful volunteers at tables both outside and inside who can answer any of your questions. Look for the people with the volunteer badges!

Of course, you’ll be able to buy Toro BJJ and Cageside MMA gear throughout the event. Watch for special deals.


We will livestream the event, so you can follow the matches if you can’t attend. The stream will be embedded at

You can also watch from the Toro Youtube channel:

We’re recording the event as well, and will post the matches to YouTube in the days after the Cup.
We have to be prepared for livestream problems, so if you or your team do Twitter, people will be tweeting about the event. We’re asking folks to use the hashtags #torocup and #torobjj. You can also follow my account (@jeffshaw) if you like.

We will have burgers and hot dogs on the grill and Yellow Bear Bakery treats.

There are other food options that are walkable, including a grocery store and Bojangles. Our helpful volunteers can also recommend food options that people can drive to!

We only have one bathroom at the gym, but we have arranged things with Crossfit 21 to use their two bathrooms as well. Crossfit 21 is just across the parking lot from TJJ/Cageside.
It’s May 16! See you then.

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