The Woman God must be killed

I don’t know if you heard, but Ronda Rousey lost.

If you did hear, then you must have also heard from all the people who knew she would lose, who say she was overrated the whole time, and who believe that her lack of humility led to her fall from grace (as opposed to a well-prepared opponent who created matchup problems).

This shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does. It’s the way humans think. The fact is, though, it did surprise me to see the narrative snap back so fast from “Ronda will just armbar her, obviously” to “I knew Ronda was overrated, and she got a big head from becoming a big star, and her moral failings led to her doom.”

There is a pithy modern reaction to this, which is: haters have a job, and that job is to hate.

There is also a deeper, less modern reaction, one that I think about often.

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Interview With Andrew Smith

The next episode of the Cageside ConcussionCast, the jiujitsu and MMA podcast I co-host, is out now — and it features an interview with Andrew Smith. Andrew is a second degree black belt in jiujitsu, a judo black belt, and a co-owner of both US Grappling and Revolution BJJ in Richmond, Virginia (where you should train if you’re in town). He’s a thoughtful and unique guy, and I enjoyed the interview a lot. I hope you do as well.

Listen and download here!