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Interview With CJ Murdock, Live From Brazil

The second episode of the Cageside ConcussionCast, the radio show and podcast I host with Trevor Hayes, is up now, and I think you’ll really want to check this one out. Here’s a link you can listen at until Nov. 8, and I’ll post a permalink later.

We talk to one of the most beloved and accomplished current competitors on the local scene, CJ Murdock. CJ is currently living and training in Brazil with Connection Rio. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to train with Terere every day, listen in. CJ also shares some technical advice, how he got hooked up with the trip to Brazil, why he was vegan but isn’t now, and much more.


We also do a segment we call The Parting Shot, where we share offbeat items from the martial arts world. Mine is about Harold Hubbard, a friend and training partner of mine who fought in Peru. You might remember Harold from such GIFs as this:

Harold wins by ground and pound.

Harold wins by ground and pound.

Harold cut some … memorable fight promos in Peru. I’ve already had some people request I post the sound files that I played on the show. Listen to the podcast first, but if you want them for future reference, here are all four in order.


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2 responses to “Interview With CJ Murdock, Live From Brazil

  1. Great site. Love the info but I am looking to find out more about a couple of the instructors you post info about. How do I reach out to you directly?

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