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New Radio Show this Weekend

When I was a child, all I wanted was my own rap theme song. Like John Slade said, every hero needs some theme music.

Turns out all I had to do to realize this dream was host a community radio show. Starting this Sunday, I’ll be hosting the Cageside ConcussionCast on WHUP FM 104.7 in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

The name is a little tongue-in-cheek, but me and my co-host Trevor Hayes will be talking about jiujitsu, MMA and the martial arts in the Carolinas and beyond. You can check it out live on Sundays from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. Eastern time if you’re local, or you can listen to the livestream at The shows will automatically become podcasts an hour after airing, so you can download them for free. We’ll have them up on iTunes soon.

CagesideConcussionCastLogo (1)

Beyond any question, the ConcussionCast will the best combat sports show hosted by a vegan pajama wrestler. Come listen to us preview local tournaments and fights and interview the best martial arts personalities you’ll ever want to hear from. We’ll let these experts explain how North Carolina became a jiu-jitsu hotbed, what fights to watch and when, how to execute techniques and what walkout music you should pick for your fight. Occasionally we’ll talk to our expert guests about Dungeons & Dragons and heel hooks:



Some interviews we already have scheduled:

Andrew Smith
Caio Terra
D’Juan Owens
CJ Murdock, live from Brazil
Laurie Porsch from Grapplethon
Guy Pendergrass
Mark Hunt
.. and so, so many more. 

We also promise fun and vegan recipes with a minimum of blunt trauma, but a maximum of entertainment. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Chat with us using the hashtag #CagesideWHUP or email us at cagesideWHUP at gmail dot com. And let me know who you want us to interview.

Oh, and about that theme music: how awesome is this track created for the show by Toon & The Real Laww?



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