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Metamoris Needs Women

I love Metamoris. I buy every PPV. And I’m excited for Metamoris 6. That said: we’re gonna be 36 matches into Metamoris with only one women’s match having happened? We’ve got to fix that.

Can we get Beatriz Mesquita on the card? Or Luiza Monteiro? How about the legendary Leticia Ribeiro, who I have photoshopped here? Hannette Staack? Whether you want to go with the best current competitors or with legendary folks, or a blend, you could easily fill a card with *just* excellent women’s matches.

Metamoris Needs Women

Or, how about this: they declared Josh Barnett the Metamoris Champion after he won one match. Michelle Nicolini v. Mackenzie Dern was awesome on Metamoris 2: how about declaring Michelle the champion and having her defend the belt against Tammi Musumeci in a rematch? Dern deserves another match, and I’d love to see Luanna Alzuguir, Penny Thomas, and/or Kyra Gracie, just to name a few.

Like Mars, ‪#‎metamorisneedswomen‬. Book it.


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