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Road Trip

Last night, I got to train once again with Royce Gracie. It’s always a terrific experience, and I learned a lot.


Making this a tremendous 24 hours — and no, I didn’t plan it this way — this morning I’m leaving for a month-long trip through Italy and Greece. My mom is retiring, so I’m going to travel with her. We’ve never really had the chance, and I’m grateful for it.

Of course, I’m going to train along the way. Don’t worry, mom knows.

I’ll be starting in Sicily, moving through Italy via Rome, Florence and Venice, and then heading to Athens. I made a Google Map of the places I’m going to try to train (some of the pins are hotels — sadly,  there are no academies on Santorini that I know of). If I have Internet access I’ll try to blog along the way about the places I train.


Screenshot 2014-09-23 07.36.59

On the off chance that anyone reading this has academy recommendations, feel free to leave ’em in the comments or email me! Or, if you see a nerdy-looking dude with a black backpack walking through Italy or Greece, just stop the person and ask if they want to train. It’s probably me, and I probably do.


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