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Charity Challenge 2014

Last year, I decided to donate $10 for every match I won to a couple of great charities. Some generous donors offered to match me, and together we raised $720 for the Women’s Debate Institute and the George Pendergrass Foundation.

We even made a giant novelty check!

We even made a giant novelty check!

I had so much fun doing it, it’s time to run that back. My first tournament of the year is going to be the US Grappling NC State Championships on April 5, and shortly thereafter the New York Open on April 12. My tournament schedule isn’t going to be as ambitious as I initially believed — life got in the way — but there will still be plenty of competitions. I plan to do all the local US Grappling tournaments, the Atlanta Open, the No-Gi Pans and the Montreal Open. I’m also going to the Mundials again, and I might try to sneak in one more big tournament as well.

What does this mean for you, the charitable-minded blog reader? It means you can help in one of two ways!

Pledge your support by donating based on the matches I win: Fill out this Google Form and you can pledge to donate either on a per-match basis, or just to drop a flat donation to the wonderful Women’s Debate Institute or the George Pendergrass Foundation.

* Share this post on Facebook and Twitter: The more people that see this, the more potential supporters. Tell your friends! The more donors we get, the more we can raise.

Last year, we did some very cool donor rewards. I plan to do something like that again, something probably BJJ gear-related. I’ll keep that a surprise this year. Like Indiana Jones said, it isn’t about the fortune and glory.

There you have it. Wish me luck, and please give generously.


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I write, work for social justice, listen to music and grapple. That's about it for now.

3 responses to “Charity Challenge 2014

  1. Bryce ⋅

    Cashin’ checks and chokin’ necks!

  2. aiseop

    Great idea. Have you heard of Jon Thomas and Tap Cancer Out? you may be interested in the work they do:

    Especially setting up a charity tournament where all the proceeds go to a cause.

  3. Jeff

    Thanks! And I’d love to do a Tap Cancer Out tournament.

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