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Tournament Schedule for 2014

It’s never too early to plan for next year. Assuming I’m healthy, I want to compete a lot again.

This is true for many reasons. I want to improve, obviously. I want to have competitive success, certainly. I also want to recruit lots of people for the Charity Challenge and try to raise a lot more money. And I want to see new places and revisit some old places I’ve been missing.

Everything’s better when you have your friends along, though. That’s why I’m publishing the tournaments I’m thinking about for 2014 now, so if anyone is interested in going to a particular tournament and splitting costs with me, we can get it planned well in advance.

Two caveats: First, I’ve listed the dates for 2013 unless the dates for 2014 have already been published. Second, and most importantly: no way am I doing all of these. Time, money, old man exhaustion and more are going to play a role in determining the schedule. But in case you’re interested in, say, road-tripping to Montreal, I want to know about as far in advance as possible so I’m not stuck going to something far away by myself.

Finally, a note: because I’m turning 40, I’m giving myself one major overseas tournament to compete in. Right now it looks like that’s going to be the Asian Open, which is right around my birthday and would let me visit Okinawa right after. There’s a chance a good friend of mine will be living in Germany next year, though, so if he is, I might do one of the European tournaments instead. I’ve bolded all of those tournaments, but I have to pick one.

Without further ado … the list:

3/2/2013 – US Grappling, Wake Forest, NC
3/20/2013: IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship
4/13/2013 – US Grappling Submission Only, Greensboro, NC
4/20/2013 — IBJJF New York Open
5/29-6/2/2013 – Mundials
6/22/2013 – US Grappling, Richmond, VA
6/28-29/2014 – IBJJF Paris Open
7/20/2013 – US Grappling, Henderson, NC
8/31/2013 — IBJJF Atlanta Open
9/28/2012: IBJJF Pan No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championship
10/5-6/2012: IBJJF Masters/Seniors Worlds
10/19/2013 – Pendergrass Classic US Grappling, Raleigh, NC
10/19-20/2013 — London Gi And NoGi IBJJF (*)
10/27/2013: IBJJF Asian Open 
11/2/2013: IBJJF NoGi Worlds
11/10/2013: IBJJF Munich Open (*)
11/16/2013: IBJJF Montreal Open
12/7/2013 – US Grappling Submission Only, Richmond.

See anything I missed?

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6 responses to “Tournament Schedule for 2014

  1. hector ⋅

    I only see one 2014 tourney????

  2. Jeff

    I’ve listed the dates for 2013 unless the dates for 2014 have already been published. Not all of the dates are out, but I’m planning on going to these tournaments in 2014.

  3. hector ⋅

    I was looking for a white belt tourney in San Diego/ So cal… do you know where i find one at?

  4. Jeff

    No, sorry. I live in North Carolina.

  5. Jesse ⋅

    Check out Copa Nova in Ashburn VA on January 18, 2014.

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