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Please vote for my awesome dog

I’m going to try to have very few off-topic posts here, but this is one of them. My best pal Russell the Hound is in a contest for Top Dog of the Triangle. It’s a voting thing run by the Independent Weekly. Russell had a big lead, but the opposition got organized and now we’re only ahead by about a few votes.

 Please help! I wouldn’t be asking if it weren’t such a close race, and it weren’t so oddly important to me to make Russell the official mascot of the Indy’s “Best Of” issue.
Would you mind helping out? It only takes a second, and doesn’t require registration. If you’re willing, you can:
2. VOTE TOMORROW! The contest ends at midnight tomorrow, and you can vote once every 24 hours.
2. SHARE THE LINK AND ASK OTHERS TO VOTE! This would be going above and beyond, but I’d sure appreciate it if you’d tweet it, post to Facebook, whatever. It only takes a second.
I made a bunch of silly photoshops to encourage people to vote for Russell. Here is one.
Yeah, this is why I subscribe to the Mendes Bros. site — to make Photoshops like this.
Seriously, Russ is a great dog, and he’s been my best buddy for 10 years. You don’t need to register or anything to vote. Would you mind? I thank you, and the hound thanks you.

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